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Root Remedies Apothecary

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Herbal allies to help calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep.


Herbs to boost your mood, uplift spirits, spark joy and reduce stress by encouraging bliss.


Help with memory, focus, and mental clarity by repairing or strengthening neural pathways. 


Nutrient dense fungi that are rich in plant protein, essential vitamins & minerals.

New Product

Organic ✴ Supportive ✴ Floral

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We all possess a delicate balance of both feminine & masculine (and many more!) energies within each of us. 


This nurturing + rejuvenating tea is crafted with:

Organic Holy Basil, Lemongrass & Motherwort, Red Clover, Pink Rose, Pink Lotus, Honey Powder & Vanilla.


All together these herbal allies create a beautiful concoction of supportive feminine energy to bring love & peace to each that drinks this blend. 


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