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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do your herbs come from?

A: We use 4 main distributors that work directly with Farmers that offer Certified Organic, Ethically Wildcrafted, Fair Trade & Non-GMO high quality plant products.

Q: The herbs I received in my order look different than the images I see online, what happened?

A: We source all of our herbs from Organic Farms or Wild-Crafted Sources. Due to the nature of plants, and the fact that when possible, we will always try to support smaller organic farms, when a certain herb is out of stock from one supplier, we may try to source it from another supplier. This is why sometimes the same herb may look a little different. Most farms & vendors harvest & prepare their finished product differently and we ultimately have no say over how they choose to do those processes, we DO specifically only source from organic farms. All of our vendors are very reputable and trusted sources. If you find that any herb you received was faulty in any way, please let us know so we can relay that information back to the vendor and make sure the faulty batch is recalled and all parties are refunded.

Q: How do you use your herbs?

A: Teas are a great easy way to use most of our herbs, but we encourage folks to get creative and play with our powder herbs in cooking, smoothies, soups & DIY skincare! We also provide individualized suggested use on all of our bagged herbs, some offer unique recipes to try too!

Q: Do herbs work?

A: Short answer, yes! We believe in the holistic approach to all things, including herbalism.

Q: Are your herbs safe to take if I am on medications?

A: It is safest to first talk with your healthcare provider if you are taking any medications before using any herbal products.

Q: Are your herbs safe to take if I am pregnant/breastfeeding?

A: Again, please talk with your healthcare provider before taking any herbal product if you are trying to get pregnant, pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Q: Do you carry any local/small artists?

A: Yes! A lot of our products come from small businesses that we love to highlight & support!

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