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Kava Root

Kava Root

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Anxiety Relief & Social Lubricant


Kava is a plant native to the Pacific Islands. It has been used historically as an aid in religious. Social, ceremonial and political decision making. Our Organic Kava Kava Root Powder produces a sense of well-being, calmness, relaxation, mental clarity & sociability. It can greatly benefit those dealing with social anxiety by calming the nervous system and engaging the heart & mind. Kava in larger amounts can also be used to help promote healthy sleep patterns.


Suggested use: Add 2-4 Tsbp. of root in a nut milk bag to 8-12oz of room temperature water, let steep for 20 mins or more. Massage the root in water until it turns murky. Strain & Enjoy! Try adding some honey, coconut creamer or pineapple juice! *Increase dosage if needed.


- Caffeine Free

- Organic
- Earth Made
- Hand Made with Love in Santa Cruz, CA