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About Us

Go Ask Alice operates under the philosophy that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. This empowering philosophy is what fuels our desire to bring to you the highest quality herbal products out there. We believe that through a holistic lense we can reconnect with our roots and find true healing beginning there.


Go Ask Alice started as a brick + mortar shop located in Downtown Santa Cruz, California.

We have always kept the plants & herbs at the heart of what we do, you could say that it keeps us rooted. Plant people to our core, we believe in the transformational power of herbs and fungi.


We think of our herbal apothecary as accessible to all, whether you have never even heard of herbalism or if you’ve been on the plant path for a while now. All our bagged herbs & teas have the common name, botanical name, a brief introduction of the plant & short materia medica, and our suggested use to try for yourself! These are printed on all our bags, so you can refer to that information for as long as you have it. When you are done with our bags, feel free to reuse or compost them! As of 2021, all our kraft herb bags are made from 100% certified compostable materials-yay!


Though plants are nearest and dearest to our hearts, Go Ask Alice has expanded our offerings to include plant powered bath and body products, books on topics like herbalism and other forms of healing, candles and incense of all kinds, tarot and oracle decks, ritual supplies for ceremonial and healing practices & crafts, to tapestries and home décor. Many of our products are made by small business & makers. We are confident in our curated selection of goods and want to offer our items to a wider audience.

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