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The Herbal Healing Handbook

The Herbal Healing Handbook


Do you sip chamomile tea regularly, enjoying the stomach settling and sleep-inducing effects? Do you keep a pot of aloe growing for burns and big bites? Are rosemary, mint and thyme your favorites sachets? Have you experienced the rejuvenating power of lavender oil on your skin? These are just a few of the ways we can use herbs and the possibilities are boundless as remedies for both health and happiness. While the health care debates rage all around us, one way to take good care of yourself and your loved ones is with the “Kitchen Cabinet Cures” in this book. Your kitchen garden and herb patch can go a long way toward preventative healthcare and are much healthier for your pocketbook, as well. Think of all the herbs and plants you love and use often and then begin researching on their upkeep and care. Even containers filled with herbs can be your ticket to wellness for you and your family.
When our great grandmothers and the elders who came before us needed to attend to the cuts, bruises, colds, flu’s fevers and other illnesses their family suffered, they didn't have a corner drugstore. Instead these wise women relied on simple wisdom, common sense, and pantries well stocked with herbal remedies. These preparations were made from plants that grew in the kitchen garden or were wild weeds gathered in the fields and woods surrounding their homes. This stash of kitchen cupboard cures combines the wisdom of our elders with a modern kitchen herbalist’s sensibility. Yes, you will save money, but more importantly, you will begin to learn what works for you and master the art of self-care as you bring much comfort to your loved ones.
From the book:
Comfort by the Cup
Growing and drying herbs for your own use is one of life’s simple pleasures. For a blissful brew with the power to calm any storm, add a sliver to ginger root and a teaspoon each of chamomile and peppermint to a two cups pot of boiling water. Herbal teas nourish the soul, heal the body and calm the mind:
Blackberry leaf tea reduces mood swings, evens glucose levels aiding in weight management. This miraculous herbal even helps circulation and such issues as inflammation and varicose veins. It is helpful to cancer patients and is believed to be a preventative.
Cardamom is a favorite of expectant mothers everywhere as it calms nausea and morning sickness; this East India fragrant is excellent for digestion, clears and cleans your mouth and throat. Anyone who likes cinnamon will love cardamom.
Nettle raises your energy level, boosts the immune systems and is packed with iron and vitamins.
Fennel is excellent for awakening and uplifting and is excellent for digestion and cleansing. Fennel also is a natural breath freshener.
Catnip is terrific for children and can calm fretful adults with no residual "hangover" effect. At the first inkling of a sore throat or impending cold, drink a warm cup of catnip tea, and head off to bed and you will awaken feeling much better. Catnip soothes the nervous system and can safely help get a restless child off to sleep,
Echinacea lends an increased and consistent sense of well-being and prevents colds and flu. It is a very powerful immune booster.
Ginger Root calms and cheers while aiding digestion, nausea and can also fend off coughs and sore throats.
Dandelion root grounds and centers, provides many minerals and nutrients. This wonderful weed is also a cleanser and a wholly natural detoxifier.

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