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Summer Solstice Sun Tea

Summer Solstice Sun Tea


Refreshing Sun Tea


Our Summer Solstice tea is full of cooling herbs perfect for a hot summer day.

  • Damiana provides a mood boost.
  • Hibiscus & Lemongrass are full of antioxidants for detoxing the body & reducing inflammation.
  • Mint is refreshing & cooling while soothing the digestive system.
  • Rose adds a light floral flavor to this blend.
  • Topped with a sprinkle of vanilla dust, this is the perfect recipe for a summer tea party!


 Suggested use: Brew as hot tea & pour over ice, or leave outside in the sun throughout the day and then refrigerate. Sweeten as desired. Enjoy!


Ingredients: All Organic- Damiana, Hibiscus, Mint, Lemongrass, Rose Petals & Vanilla Dust.

50 grams


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