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Pyrite Pyramid

Pyrite Pyramid

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Energetically, Iron Pyrite is an excellent energy shield. It blocks out negative energy and pollutants at all levels, including infectious diseases.


In general, Iron Pyrite is a very positive stone that amplifies the energy around it.  Pyrite stimulates the flow of ideas by helping to facilitate and amplify abilities and potential.  It promotes diplomacy and teaches how to determine what is false and what is real.


Emotionally, Iron Pyrite helps to heal melancholy and deep despair.  It overcomes inertia and feelings of inadequacy.


The sacred shape of a pyramid that dates back more than 5,000 years. The pyramid shape is a supernatural source of power and energy! Pyramids amplify and balance energy through their apex. Everything within the electromagnetic field of a pyramid is believed to move towards harmony.


Pyramids are the most impressive structures built by man more than 5,000 years old. The pyramid shape itself is a supernatural source of power and energy. There is power in the pyramid shape which is believed to have a generally balancing effect on the electromagnetic fields. A gemstone pyramid is used to enhance and focus the inherent properties of a stone.


Pyramids are used for charging crystals, mediation, chakra, massage, reiki, crystal grids and so much more. These lovely pyramids can be used for any of those or even home decor or powerful gemstone jewelry.



Approximately 1" X 1"

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