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Purple Aronia

Purple Aronia


-High Antioxidant Super Fruit-

Purple Aronia, also known as chokeberry and 'Autumn Magic' is a remarkable berry with antioxidant properties. Purple Aronia makes delicious jams and jellies and can be added to smoothies and other recipes for an extra zing. May support a healthy cardiovascular system, healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and a healthy immune response. May also help nourish the brain & nervous system, support healthy digestion and maintain inflammatory response, supports the urinary system, and anti-aging. Good source of antioxidants, adds a sour berry flavor and vibrant color to any foodie creation. Acai bowls, baked goods, smoothies, chocolate truffle, overnight oats, etc.

Suggested Use: Add 1 Tablespoon per serving to juice, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothie, etc..

- Caffeine Free
- Earth Made
- Hand Made with Love in Santa Cruz, CA

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