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Cord Cutting Ritual Kit

Cord Cutting Ritual Kit

Cord Cutting Ritual Kit - Includes everything you need to cut energetic ties to past lovers, bad habits, negative self image & more


Tired of wasting your precious energy on past relationships, bad habits, or negative self talk? Do this kit whenever you sense that a situation or person is draining your energy and preventing you from living the life you want to live.

This ritual kit comes with everything you need to cut ties with these relationships and to let them go. Includes directions of what to do with spell ingredients post ritual, and more! Prepared with good intentions by a true witch in Los Angeles, California.


This kit includes ~~


- Ritual instructions

- 4 Hand dipped beeswax spell candles (2 Black candles, 2 White candles)

- 4oz. Clearing room spray (eucalyptus and palo santo)

- 6oz. Blessed Rosemary salt

- 2 Black candle holders

- Black cotton string

- Jar of matches



-Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Packaging!