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Rose of Jericho

Siempre Viva Plant::The Resurrection Plant

Selaginella lepidophylla, or "False" Rose of Jericho is also nicknamed "The Ressurection Plant" or "Dinosaur Plant". This plant has the unique ability to dry up completely and then come back to life when water is reintroduced. It also means that this plant can survive long periods without any water present, a truly unique property. This plant is a type of spike moss that is found in the Chihuahuan desert of Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Each fern starts off brown, dry, and curled into itself. When water is reintroduced, it begins to unfurl, just like a fern. It can take up to 12 hours for the rose to completely open up. Sometimes the fern will begin to turn a bit more green in color as it opens, a sign that it is coming back to life.

While the Rose of Jericho does open in the presence of water, it does not like to sit in water for more than 7 days max. After around 7 days, it may start to mold, and the roots may begin to rot. As it is a desert plant, it likes a more dry environment. Sitting in water for too long will actually kill the plant.


Corresponds to Rebirth, New Beginnings, and Creation.

The Jericho Rose has long been used in rebirthing spellwork. It is used to “resurrect” any aspect of your life; from finances to love. Traditionally these unique plants are used at a time when a new beginning is in order, on the New Moon, or when a "rebirth" is sought. This ancient plant reminds us that there is always life after death.

The plant may be kept in a bowl of water around the home for a few days at a time. The water it sits in can be used to anoint magical tools, be added to spiritual baths and floor washes, as well as to wipe down the front door of home and or business to bring prosperity. The water where the plant sits holds powerful magic.

Keep a Rose of Jericho in your home and/or business for prosperity and good fortune.


Put the fern in a shallow dish of water. The roots of the plant should be able to reach the water easily. Change water daily for no more than 7 days, or until your Work is done. Remove from the water and let your fern close back up. Reuse when you need another new beginning.

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