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Easy Summer Solstice Sun Tea: COOLING & REFRESHING

Welcome Summer Solstice

The official mark of astrological summer and the longest day of the year!

With the increased sun exposure & solar energy-it's a buzzing time of year, not to mention, well it's hot.

This Summer Solstice Herbal Sun Tea is a perfectly balanced blend of supportive herbs to help keep your body cool, hydrated, and refreshed.

This new blend is full of cooling herbs perfect for a hot summer's day:

  • Damiana provides a mood boost, toning the nervous system to ease anxiety and tension without making you feel sedated or sleepy. Leaving you feeling uplifted and excited.

  • Hibiscus flowers are full of antioxidants, which can help protect the body & cells from damage. Recent studies have also shown that hibiscus may help reduce inflammation in the body & lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Lemongrass acts as a central nervous system toner, strengthening it and offering a more calm and stable nervous system. It also has an anti-pyretic and diaphoretic effect, meaning it helps to break a fever that has run to dangerously high temperatures by inducing sweating

  • Mint is both refreshing & cooling while also aiding the digestive system.

  • Rose adds a light floral flavor to this blend and added support for cooling the body and gently supporting the heart.

  • Topped with a sprinkle of vanilla dust, this is the perfect recipe for a summer tea party!

Harness the solar power of this summer solstice by making a Sun Tea!

The Sun Tea method is simple yet effective for herbal infusions of leaves & flowers. You don't even need hot water!

While there is no one way to make sun tea, a good rule to follow would be:

1 TBSP of tea for every 8 oz. of water

I also highly suggest using a clear glass container, jar, pitcher, or teapot, as long as the sun's rays can penetrate the material.

I used a Quart Sized Mason Jar and used 4 TBSP or 1/4 C of our Summer Solstice Tea Blend.

Simply fill the rest of the container with cold/room temperature water, cover & infuse in the sunshine for at least 2 hours.

Strain out herbs & enjoy!

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