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Hypnotic Sedative

Passionflower is a stunning flowering vine that has a special affinity for the nervous system making it great herb to support you through nervous conditions like anxiety, insomnia, headaches, agitation, hypersensitive to pain and menstrual cramps. The mandala-like flower demonstrates a powerful signature of its use in circular thinking, especially during insomnia; passionflower is especially suited for folks who have a hard time letting things go, mulling them over incessantly in a repetitive manner.
Passionflower should not be used with other sedatives. If pregnant, consult your healthcare provider before using.

Suggested use: Add 1 Tbsp. in a cup of boiling water. Steep for 5-10 minutes. Enjoy! Increase dosage if needed.

- Caffeine Free

- Organic
- Earth Made
- Hand Made with Love in Santa Cruz, CA

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