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Gold Copal

Gold Copal


Protium copal

- Purifying, Clearing & Harmonizing -


Known for its ability to elicit mentally calming and uplifting effects, Copal is rich in triterpines that have been shown to greatly reduce anxiety. Burning this resin is thought to activate "ion" channels in the brain, helping to alleviate stress & anxiety while creating an ideal headspace for meditation. Its clean, light & woody scent is said to bring a positive and loving energy that will fill the home with peaceful energies.


Benefits of Copal incense:

- Cleansing agent, enhances harmony

- Purifies the environment - used to clean rooms or other spaces

- Balance the state of mind

- Increase concentration & relaxation

- Powerful channeling energies ideal for meditation

- Fight stress & insomnia


Suggested use: Light a charcoal disc in a fire safe bowl. Once burning, add as many tears as desired and enjoy the pleasant aroma.


- Earth Made

- Hand Made with Love in Santa Cruz, CA

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