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Earthwalks for Body and Spirit

Earthwalks for Body and Spirit


A workbook of simple walking exercises to quiet the mind, expand consciousness, and rediscover our sacred relationship with Earth.

• Foreword by Victor Sanchez, author of The Teachings of Don Carlos.

• Includes 45 walking techniques that were developed from the author's work with Huichol Indians of western Mexico.

• Explores the power of moving meditation for achieving new levels of spiritual awareness through connecting with elements of the natural world.

• Includes group and individual exercises.

In Earthwalks for Body and Spirit, a workbook of 45 simple walking exercises, author and workshop leader James Endredy shows us how the act of walking can be a catalyst for personal transformation by teaching us to develop our attention, quiet the mind, expand our consciousness, and rediscover our sacred relationship with Earth. Each of the exercises, many of which are based on the author's work with the traditional indigenous practices of the Huichol Indians of western Mexico, offers step-by-step instructions and comments that will help you to gain the most from the walk. Additionally, the author focuses each group of exercises on a different aspect of transformation?there are walks of attention and awareness; group connection; connection to the nierikas (powers) of Sun, Water, Wind, Fire, and Mother Earth; connection to the energies of animals, trees, and places of power; and finally, as a way of honoring both your new understanding of Self and your deepened relationship with Earth, walks of offering and vision.