Fire & Ice is a roll on liniment in an alcohol base. This product contains CBD isolate and therefore has no THC.​

This powerful topical Roll ON liniment delivers deep penetrating relief where you need it most.


Fire & Ice combines 1000 mg of CBD with arnica, magnesium and the powerful extracts of cayenne, camphor and menthol for a hot and cold tingle to alleviate tension and promote healing of tense or strained muscle. Our convenient roll on means you do not have to touch it with your fingers and risk contact with sensitive areas! 

This powerful combination delivers! 

Ingredients : distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, magnesium chloride, cannabidiol (CBD), menthol, camphor, cayenne, arnica and ginger. 

This bottle contains at least 1000 mg of CBD. 


CBD, Arnica & Magnesium Roll On Liniment