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Calea Tincture

Calea Tincture


Mexican Dream Herb



Our house-crafted Organic Calea Tincture is the highest quality herbal extract, and makes working with Calea easy, simple, and travel-friendly. 


Traditionally used by native peoples of Mexico, Calea has a long history of use as a medicinal herb. It is most well known for its ability to induce vivid and lucid dreams. May also benefit anxiety, insomia, memory & cognitive skills.



+ Lucid Dreaming

+ Dream Recall

+ Divination

+ Deeper Knowledge & Understanding

+ Gastrointestinal Relief


Suggested use: Enjoy 1-3 droppers full sublingually, in tea or in water before sleep. May cause drowsiness.


Ingredients: Organic Cane Alcohol, Organic Calea

2 Fl. Oz.


What is a Tincture?

A tincture is a concentrated herbal extract. It is a potent, ready-to-use herbal product.


How to use a Tincture?

Generally they are taken directly on the tongue. Try adding it to your favorite beverage, tea or glass of water. 


How much to take?

It will depend on the tincture, but a good general guideline is to start with 1 dropperful. We encourage everyone listen to their body intuitively; follow the dosage that resonates the most with you.


Caution: Do not take if pregnant or nursing, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after use, do not mix with sedatives.


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